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Reselling Program By CWIN

Precursor FYI: Application and submittal information is located at the bottom of this blog entry.

What's in it for you?
- 50% off all keys (or more depending on purchase size).
- Quality, safe, undetected cheats to offer.
- Regular updates.
- Amazing opportunity to earn big money.

We will provide you with:
- Line of communication with the developers to give suggestions and feedback.
- Free keys for giveaways, trials, vouch copies.
- & much more!

What products would you have access to?
Every single product we provide for. The current list is as follows:
- Super People
- Valorant Rage
- Rogue Company
- Fortnite Legit
- Deadside
- The Division 2
- Battlefield V
- Apex Legends Internal
- Gears 5
- Rocket League
- Valorant Legit
- Paladins
- Bloodhunt
- Hell Let Loose
- Hunt: Showdown
- Along with always expanding new game introductions…

Why pick us over another brand to resell for?
We have an established presence along with brand recognition that provides greater visibility than any other brand could for you, along with the best pricing available in addition to easy communication with our team to resolve any issues or needs swiftly. There's simply no other provider like us, especially none that are fully orriented towards meeting every single need you might have.

Does this sound too good to be true?
Well I'm sure it does sound pretty good… But no, it's not too good to be true. This isn't a get rich quick scheme, although you can make quite a bit of money quickly. There's not many things that can be as profitable in comparison to what we are offering, those who decide to be bold will reap the benefits.

Examples of some of the largest sellers in this industry who have full trust in us and hold good relations with our team:
& many more… including you when you take the leap to make the most money you have ever seen…


- In which region do you plan to sell in?
- Do you have any past experience in selling cheats or online selling in general?
- Where do you advertise? Ex. (Discord, ElitePVP, Nulled, Cracked) Please include all links.
- Why do you want to sell for us?
- Can you give efficient support to your customers?
- Which products of ours are you interested in?
- Include proof of sales as screenshots if applicable.
- Are you able to buy in bulk? $80 minimum per purchase upfront.

Fill out the above application and submit it to us via ticket on our Webpanel or Discord 

Disclaimer: CWIN does not have direct ownership of any other entities listed within this blog, always take caution when going off-site nor do we advise purchasing anything off any site other than our own.