Media Creator

Are you talented in making compelling pieces of video content? Well the CWIN media program would be a perfect fit then!

We have designed a media creation plan that is fully based off allowing people to make money off videos or other content on our products (free of charge as well).

If you are interested make a ticket in our Discord.

Regular Process

  • Have you done past media? If so, link it. (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram etc.)
  • How many videos can you produce per week?
  • Why should we pick you?
  • How long have you been editing and producing media? Link us your accounts which you have posted media on.
  • What games are you interested in making media for?
  • What are your PC specs? (GPU/RAM/CPU/Motherboard)

Advanced Earning

If you have a large following on YouTube or TikTok, send over your channels or other socials and we can pay you 50% of any sales you bring in via the promos (this will be lots of money AND HAS NO COSTS!)