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At TheGamesCheats (CWIN) we are digital nomads who love cheating to win. We have always been avid cheaters within online games, developing and using cheats for our own use with friends. In 2019 we created the TheGamesCheats brand as a home for people like us looking to hack in online games.



The story of TheGamesCheats

In 2019 we noticed a lot of troubles within the cheating industry giving us motivation to put our expertise to work and create the TheGamesCheats brand.

Lack of customer support, detected cheats and just straight untrustworthy people is what kick started us in wanting to do better. TheGamesCheats was then created upon a foundation reflecting a customer first approach.

In 2022 we successfully developed, tested and released over 20 products to our community resulting in, as of 2023, many thousands of happy customers.

Today, TheGamesCheats is leading the industry with an extensive range of products. All utilizing one of a kind web based loading system with responsive menus you can configure on any device with a browser.

CWIN is the first hack for PC allowing you to configure the cheat menu from a mobile device. Our ambition is to only grow and become most secure cheat provider globally.

Most of our dreams are only getting bigger. Fueled from the success we have achieved and the responses we collect from our customers. We have rooted our self into the industry aiming to change it for good.



We have a simple approach, and that’s to do better where other fail. Our goal is not to just complete the mission, but also focus on how it is achieved.

TheGamesCheats DNA consists of:

  • Satisfaction – We are not happy if you are not happy
  • Sincerity – We create cheats for fun not for profits
  • Professionalism – A professional pride straight from the devs
  • Quality Support – A customer first approach


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