Valorant Rage

Buy for 14.99$

  • Memory Aimbot
  • PSilent (hits without looking)
  • FOV Check
  • Visible Check
  • Ability to limit hit radius with a configurable FOV
  • Hitbox
  • Glow
  • Box
  • Skeleton
  • Agent Name
  • Player Name
  • Visible check
  • Target Line
  • Draw Crosshair
  • Draw Targeting FOV
  • Visible Player Color
  • Invisible Player Color
  • Fully Featured Skinchanger
  • Camera FOV Slider
Reviews (total 4.78)
Its great for easy aces but be careful might get a ban if u use high settings
by durummen
Holy Shit this one is insane and ud ily <3
by elm3x
Love it ?? been winning alot of games with it and not been banned!! +reppp
by rertp
Valorant-rage, readu to wreck NN's
by Xepty98
It's a very good and cheap cheat.
by Biasdojtnappnt
Memory Aimbot : 6/10 It can be a lot more better, but as title says this is "Rage" cheat, so I didn't expected much of it's legit settings, however it's a huge "W" that this setting even exist. Silent Aim: 9/10 I haven't tried many cheats and regarding silent aim I only have experience from watching videos. With that being said, on my personal experience the silent aim is pretty good, there is also a FOV-in check which is awesome. RSC: 5/10 I haven't really saw much of RCS at all, maybe it's just me but for me RSC is almost not working. There is some, I can feel it, but the difference is minimal. Visuals: 7/10 Sometimes ESP box freezes whenever the player was located and stays there where actually there isn't a player on that location. Happens rarely, it's a bit annoying but I can definitely live with it. Overall performance: 7/10 Except the fact that you have to re-inject each new game and close the cheat + the game every time ( which is not issue at all, just a bit annoying to do ), the rest seems pretty much great performance wisely. Pricing: 11/10 Not much to say here, for such price you definitely get the best! Don't hesitate and get your purchase. Support: 10/10 Had an issue, support fixed it within 20 minutes! Very kind, fast and patient people, god bless you all!
by boostmeplz
by admin
by Glaidtors
Amazing Cheat,good Perfomance,good and stable Features.The p-Silent aim is the Best silent aim I have ever used In Valorant.Its the most og and known Rage cheats in Valorant. Just Amazing!
by Babalovescuf_