Complete CWIN Valorant Cheats Guide on hacks and wall hack

Complete Valorant Cheats Guide 2023 is home for the common Valorant hacker. Lean about Valorant hacks, wallhacks, and anything about Valorant cheating.

Valorant is a free-to-play first-person tactical hero shooter developed and published by Riot Games. The game teased under the code name Project A in October 2019 announced as a closed beta.

“VALORANT, the competitive, 5v5 character-based tactical shooter built by Riot Games, is getting a closed beta starting April 7.”

The beta begun as limited access on April 7th 2020, and was a huge success with around 3 Million players throughout.

They released the game in June 2, 2020. Since then, Valorant has grown into the most successful game of the genera. In July 2023, tracked around 25,176,936 active players playing the game.

In this complete guide, we explore Valorant cheats, what they are and how to use them.

You’ll learn how to buy and use cheats. Why people use Valorant cheats, what they are and how they work.

We’ve covered the most important following questions:

1. What are Valorant cheats?
2. What is Valorant Anticheat
3. Why do people use Valorant cheats?
4. 9 reasons to use Valorant Cheats
Valorant Aimbot
Valorant Aimbot Types
Misc Aimbot Features
Valorant Wallhack / ESP (Extra Sensory Perception)
Advanced ESP information Valorant hacks vs Valorant custom game cheats
Misc Valorant Hacks
5. Valorant custom game cheats

What are Valorant cheats ?

People create Valorant cheats by coding them and compiling into an injector. People write various languages but the most used is c++.

The code injects into your game giving you features the game does not allow. Aimbot, ESP, No-recoil and much more.

We explain more about these features later in the article.

Once you purchase a cheat from a provider you will get a license key for the loader. You use the loader to load Valorant cheats into the game. The key verify your license to the panel to ensure you are a real user.

Then, you enter the key into the loader, the loader binds your system ID and HWID information binds to the key. Some providers will allow you to reset your HWID a limited amount of times and others will charge you per reset. This is helpful if you run a spoofed system or change Windows version.

You use the cheat loader to inject the code into the game as it loads up.

  1. The process goes as such:
  2. Close your game
  3. Run the loader as admin
  4. Enter the license key
  5. Click on your subscription
  6. Load the cheat
  7. Load the game

Its recommended not to try to load the cheat while your game is running. Unless told by the provider. Most of the time hacks need to load before your game to bypass the anti-cheat.

Valorant anti cheat

Cheating is not like the olden days. Or what some people would call, the golden days for gaming.

Developers are developing anti-cheat systems every single day. Valorant anti cheat is Vanguard. Vanguard is a security tool used for Valorant that keeps the community safe from cheating.

Hacks have evolved over the years to the point of needing such unique bypass methods. They started operation in the systems kernel to load before anyone can even detect them.

Anti cheat systems like vanguard run inside your computers kernel at a level loading before any cheat attempts.

If Valorant anti cheat detected you using a cheat, the result is not great… The punishment can result in either temporary or permanent ban. Depending on the severity of the cheating.

Why do people use Valorant cheats ?

People use Valorant cheats for a bunch of reasons. Boosters, streamers , average players or just someone looking for excitement.

Valorant cheating will open your eyes to features like speed hacks. Allowing cheaters to move at an increased speed, making them harder to hit.

Aim bots allow cheaters to automate their aiming and shoot the enemy in the selected target. Head, Chest, Legs and other places.

Trigger bots are just what they sound like. An automated bot that pulls your trigger when your crosshair meets the enemy.

Extra Sensory Perception, known by cheaters as ESP, gives players the ability to target people through walls. They will know where you are going to peek. Some people refer to these as Valorant wall hacks.

Some People use free Valorant cheats just for fun. But these come with safety concerns and the quality compared to a paid-cheat cannot compare to free hacks.

So you can see why Valorant hacks and wall hacks can be enticing to some people. To be able to gain an edge like that on a game like this is just overwhelming as every millisecond counts.

9 reasons to use Valorant Cheats

Valorant cheats and their features separated into 3 different categories: Aimbot Features, ESP Features and Misc Features.

Valorant Aimbot

The Valorant aimbot, a piece of code in a program that allows players to cheat in Valorant. It works by forcing the characters weapon aim at the target. The aim bot calculates the trajectory of the shots and aims at the target.

The Valorant aimbot calculates in the millisecond to lock onto your target. It functions by listening for a key, the default setting being the right click of the mouse. Once pressed, he aimbot throws your crosshair and locks onto the target.

Aimbots utilize a different piece of code called Field of View (FOV). The FOV is visible as a circle on your screen with adjustable settings to increase its player radius. Any player inside the FOV when you press right click will count as a target. As we mentioned above, will throw your aim to the targets, but only to a target inside the FOV.

Not only the FOV, but Valorant aimbot listens for other settings like friendly targets and teammates. Depending on the cheat in question, you can choose to ignore teammates or people in your group. Then you won’t, by accident, kill your whole team and stutter trying to think of an excuse.

Valorant Aimbot types

1. Valorant Aimbot / Silent Aimbot:

The silent aimbot is the act of firing the weapon “silently”. Meaning it give other users the appearance you are facing in 1 direction. But you can fire in another.

Silent aim can be a little more difficult to detect as there’s no “snapping” action. Snapping is the motion the aim bot shows when locking onto a target. With silent aim bot the bullets will make their own path towards the enemy. No-matter your direction.

2. Humanized Aimbot:

Humanized aim bot means the coder has implemented features allowing the aim bot to look more “human”. Snapping is cleaner, less noticeable and the general movement of the aim bot is just a lot more smooth and fluid. This is the preferred option for the invisible Valorant hacker.

3. Valorant “Magic Bullet”:

Valorant Magic Bullet is possible by setting the vector of the target coordinate you want to hit. This method will ignore all objects such as walls and pass straight through them.

A Valorant cheater using hacks like this would be apparent and lead to a potential ban. Players will spectate your match when they witness foul-play.

The aim bot is for certain the most overpowered and important part of the Valorant hack. And it does not end just here..

Misc Aimbot Features

4. Other Valorant Aimbot features:

You can expect other aimbot features like:

  • Look Sensitivity: controls the speed and sharpness of your aim when thrown towards the player.
  • Controller Support: Most Valorant cheats in 2023 has controller support to cater for every player.
  • FOV: The FOV , used as a target radius for the Aimbot. The aimbot targets anyone inside of the FOV as you right-click.
  • Smoothing: or Sway, applied to make the bounce / recoil between shots look smoother.
  • No Recoil: The hack makes the players gun not react to recoil. You fire the weapon and every bullet will land in the same spot without fighting with your mouse. Perfect addition when combined with Chams or No Spread.
  • Crosshair: A reticle, or reticule also known as a graticule. Is a pattern of fine lines built into the cheat to form a crosshair in the game Valorant.
  • Auto-Switch: Auto switch forces your crosshair onto the next closest person after a kill. This allows you to pin the trigger without having to worry about aiming.
  • Auto-Fire: Auto fire works by reading the FOV or the crosshair. As your weapon hovers over a target that’s in line-of-sight, the weapon will fire in a spit second. This feature, preferred by Valorant cheaters is best used with snipers.
  • Unlimited Ammo: Your weapon ammo cannot deplete and removes the need to reload your weapon. Known by players as Infinite Magazine.

But just because a Valorant hack might have a-load of features doesn’t mean its good or safe. The cheats are as safe as you use them. In a game with spectators, players can tell if you’re using an aim bot and seem to know where everyone is. Play smart.

Valorant Wallhack / ESP (Extra Sensory Perception)

Valorant ESP hacks display player and loot related information not normally displayed in-game. ESP Hacks, (short for Extra-Sensory Perception). Are a type of cheat that displays information such as HP, Names, Ranks, Guns, and all loot on the map. It’s like a souped-up version of KDR/HP Vision.

The best thing about these hack is, you choose to hide them from most recording software and even some streaming platforms. You can see the Valorant ESP on your screen while steaming to hundreds of people that just see a normal game.

5. Player Information:

When you use a Valorant ESP cheat the first thing you will notice is snap-lines and 2D boxes. The snap-line leads to enemy players all around the map depending on your configured distance.

The 2D boxes are what you could call frames, placed around the players in a vertical rectangular shape. Above the frame you will see information such as:

  • Player Names
  • Levels
  • Health & Armour status

This information displayed on the ESP is valuable when used with thought. Do you want to avoid high level players, or, prey on weak enemy’s with low Health & Armour…

Advanced ESP information

6. Advanced ESP information:

Not only will a Valorant ESP display, Player Names, Levels, Health & armor status. But, you can see:

Player K/D Ratio: Displayed above the ESP frame. The Valorant ESP will show the K/D ratio of enemy players. This is useful to avoid professional players in high value situations.

Enemy Direction: See the direction players are facing, an important feature in a game like Valorant. A Valorant ESP alone may not be enough, you might be able to see the enemy. But. When do you know which wall he is watching ?

Weapon in hand: Valorant ESP Hack can show you which weapon your enemy is holding. Making it easy to avoid an unwanted encounter.

7. Valorant Chams ESP:

Chams is a type of ESP for Valorant. This type of ESP fills the whole player with color, rather than place a simple outline frame around them.

Chams can be useful for peeking corners as a frame is straight and can look visible before the player truly is.

You can be sure when you shoot any visible ESP color, you are going to hit the target. The best Chams for Valorant are the ones that are only visible in line-of-sight. These can help ensure your not shooing walls and look suspect… Valorant hacks vs Valorant custom game cheats

Players use Valorant Cheat Codes through the official game settings. In the custom game mode, you access the cheat tab giving you access to the in-game cheat codes. You can only use this in a custom match with your friends. The global servers have these settings disabled.

To use the custom game cheats:

  1. Load Valorant though the games launcher
  2. Select start custom game
  3. Choose your desired map
  4. Open the setting menu and select the cheat tab

Valorant hacks used with a loader. Loading onto global servers carries the risk of detection’s and banning from vanguard anti-cheat. Loader cheats give you more juice as the features are custom coded and loaded into the game.

In conclusion, You use Valorant custom game cheats without any safety cautions. But, you are limited to custom games. Loader cheats, used server-wide but come with many safety concerns as vanguard is watching your every move.

Misc Valorant Hacks

As vanguard is good at detecting cheats and reviewing gameplay. You won’t find many misc features for this game

9. Misc Valorant Hack features:

The main features in the Misc category are:

  • TriggerBot
  • No Sway
  • Bunny Hop
  • Auto Pistol
  • Auto Shoot
  • Anti Aim
  • Configurable Keys

Some features of the hack talk for themselves. The others like Bunny Hop allows players jump higher or float for a short period.

Valorant trigger bot: An automated bot cheat that pulls the trigger for you. The hack can pull the trigger faster than a human. This is a sought after feature to use with rifles and pistols.

Anti-Aim: is a feature in the hack that gives the player the appearance of facing in any direction. Toward the ground or in the sky while allowing the user to walk proper on their screen. This hack forces the user’s player model, making head-shots on the user much more difficult.

Auto shoot & Auto Pistol: Is just another term for a trigger-bot as we have described above.

Valorant custom game cheats

As explained in the Valorant anti cheat section, the game makes use of a kernel-level anticheat called Vanguard.

Don’t worry though, this does not mean you can’t cheat in the game…

Valorant allows any player to create a custom game. In the custom game mode Valorant allows you to run custom game cheats. Vanguard wont ban you for doing so either.

8. Valorant cheats for custom games:

Learn about the cheat features possible in Valorant custom game:

  • Infinite Magazine
  • Infinite Creds
  • Infinite Abilities
  • Auto-Respawn
  • Swap Team
  • End Game Phase
  • Ghost Mode
  • Pause Match Timer
  • End Game Phase
  • Ignore Shopping Restrictions

These cheat codes are only available in custom games.

Used by players for fun with a group of friends. Valorant enabled these codes for testing purposes. Vanguard won’t ban you for trying the Valorant cheat codes either.

The features described above are pretty much self-explained. You will have admin control of the entire game server.

The cheat codes let you control the teams, get infinite health, ammo. Just about infinite everything. Ghost mode lets you ghost into closed and forbidden areas, passing though walls.

Ignore Shopping Restrictions: The shop is available to buy weapons and abilities whenever you want.

Learn more about Valorant custom game cheats here.